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Bachata Sensual

Bachata Sensual was born in Cádiz more than 15 years ago. Founded and developed by Jorge Escalona (Korke) interpreting the music in an unique and sensual way.

He interpreted the instruments with longer movements and isolations, in other words, a higher corporal expression. Without dismissing the origins and keeping the essence of the traditional bachata.

It was not until the arrival of Judith Cordero, a dancer with more than 10 years of experience, when Bachata Sensual rose to the next level, providing to it a more technical and visual style. 

Art of Sensual Bachata offers various classes but mainly focuses on the Sensual Bachata style taught by Steven & Kasia, and pioneered by Korke & Judith. K-Town Dance Studio is the only official studio in USA that represents Sensual Bachata by Korke & Judith. 


Do you want to experience dancing Bachata Sensual at the heart of NYC?


Steven & Kasia

Then come join us at K-Town Studio with Steven and Kasia where you will learn to dance with confidence. Our Dance studio offers group classes for different type of dances which are Sensual and Urban Bachata, Salsa on two, Zouk and Kizomba
Find out more about the classes and schedule below.

K-Town studio also offers a beautiful and spacious studio to host events or rehearsals.

Contact us to find out about available dates.


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