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  Level 1 
4 Weeks Cycle

Monday OR Tuesday 
6:30-7:30 PM

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This is for the Beginners level

At our studio, we offer Traditional Bachata and Urban Bachata as the introductory level of Bachata dance.

This level serves as the foundation for Bachata Sensual Style. It is strongly recommended for all beginner-level students to enroll in this class prior to joining the Beg-Adv level of Bachata Sensual Bootcamp.

This journey is specifically designed for students who are new to Bachata, with little to no prior experience. The curriculum is structured over a period of three months, allowing students to gradually build their skills and feel comfortable progressing to the next level.


During this class, students will learn a variety of basic steps, with variations to add depth and complexity to their repertoire.

They will also be introduced to basic turn patterns, including variations and social style turns.

A strong emphasis will be placed on developing a solid sense of timing and musicality, ensuring that students are able to dance in sync with the music. Additionally, other techniques will be taught to prepare students for the next level of their Bachata journey.

Level 2
(Fundamental of Bachata Sensual)
4 weeks Cycle

7:30-8:30 PM

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This bootcamp is NOT for Beginners

In this class, you will have the opportunity to learn the techniques and methodologies developed by Korke & Judith, the founders of Sensual Bachata.

The curriculum begins with the fundamental elements of Bachata Sensual and gradually progresses to incorporate various complex patterns.

By mastering these techniques, students will gain the confidence to dance with ease at social events and will acquire the knowledge to lead and follow sensual body movements.

It is important to note that having a partner is not a requirement for this class, as we will provide opportunities for individual practice.


The class is designed to cover a comprehensive range of topics over a period of four months, allowing students to build muscle memory and experience a progressive improvement in their skills.  We highly recommend that students remain in this level for a minimum of three months before advancing to our intermediate level.

During the course, you will study essential concepts such as frame, weight shifting, cues, and preparations, as well as develop body isolations and coordinate fluid movements. Additionally, the class will focus on training the core elements of Bachata Sensual through a variety of patterns, and will challenge you with more advanced footwork techniques as you progress.

Level 3 

(The Transitions & Fluidity of Fundamental Elements)
4 weeks Cycle

8:30-9:30 PM

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In this class, our main emphasis is on enhancing the art of Transition and the seamless flow of fundamental elements in Bachata.


This level is specifically designed for students who have already completed the Sensual Bachata Fundamental course and have a minimum of 6 months of experience in it. We expect students to have a solid understanding of circular movements, the significance of maintaining proper posture, tension, and body movement.


At this stage, students should be able to execute various figures, such as pastels, Pinza, ondasm complete, and more, which were introduced in Level 2 of the course.

Level 4
4 weeks Cycle 

An Assessment Required

An Assessment Required

6:30-7:30 PM

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To join this class, Bachata Sensual students must pass a comprehensive evaluation. It is essential for students to possess a thorough comprehension of the material covered in both Level 2 and Level 3 classes.


This level aims to enhance the mastery of transition and fluidity within intricate patterns.

Bachata Lady Styling
4 Weeks Cycle

Please refer to "our Services" Page

Welcome to Bachata Styling By Kasia Brozynska, and Owner and the main instructor of KS-Bachata Sensual.


In this class, students will engage in choreography that emphasizes body movements, isolations, arm styling, head rolls, and the skill to dance independently without a partner.

Key topics covered include:
- Enhancing balance, posture, and arm styling
- Learning choreography
- Mastering weight transfer
- Perfecting timing and footwork
- Refining body movement and isolation techniques
- Establishing communication and connection between body, mind, and music
- Ladies will have the opportunity to cultivate their unique style throughout the course



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