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Kasia & Steven (KS) Bachata Sensual 

"The Art of Bachata Sensual"

Kasia & Steven, formerly known as Art of Sensual Bachata, have been immersed in the world of Bachata Sensual after training with Korke Y Judith.

With over 5 years of experience teaching in New York City, They have established themselves as key figures in the Bachata Sensual scene in New York City. They have garnered a strong following for their technique-oriented approach to teaching, their dedication to preserving the authenticity of Bachata Sensual, and their commitment to building a vibrant dance community in the city.


With their deep knowledge of Korke Y Judith's methodology and their own unique style, Kasia & Steven have made significant contributions to the world of Bachata Sensual, solidifying their place as leaders in the field.


As pioneers, KS Bachata Sensual is among the first official instructors recognized by Korke Y Judith in NYC, and they are the proud owners of the first official dance studio in the USA dedicated to Bachata Sensual, known as Ktown Studio.

KS Bachata Sensual has grown to become one of the largest Bachata Sensual schools in New York City, renowned for its high rate of returning students and its reputation as a leading institution for technique-focused Bachata Sensual instruction.


Their commitment to excellence and dedication to teaching the art of sensual bachata has established them as a pillar in the dance community, attracting students seeking top-tier training and an immersive learning experience.


Their focus on technique and their unparalleled expertise have solidified their position as a key player in the world of Bachata Sensual instruction.

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