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Korke Y Judith Bachata Sensual 

Korke Y Judith are considered pioneers of Bachata Sensual, a style of dance that originated in Spain in the early 2000s. They are known for their unique approach to teaching and performing Bachata, blending elements of traditional Bachata with contemporary dance styles to create the sensual and expressive form known as Bachata Sensual.


It started in Cádiz over 15 years ago, introduced and refined by Jorge Escalona (Korke) who brought a unique and sensual interpretation to the music. Korke's distinctive style involved longer movements, isolations, and heightened bodily expression while maintaining the essence of traditional bachata. The evolution of Bachata Sensual reached new heights with the introduction of Judith Cordero, a dancer with over a decade of experience, who infused the style with technical expertise and a visually captivating aesthetic.

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